The B6 level, defeats the F AL with the 7.62 x 51 rifle with the pointed bullet and the very common AK47 with the steel core bullet.
The GERMAZ protection includes an all-over transparent / opaque cage shielding the driver and passenger seats together with the luggage area. This is prepared with thebest quality materials and fabricated by skilled technicians. This protection is to European B6 level and is certified to defeat the following ammunition:
  • 7.62 x 51 RG L2A2 at 843 m/s
  • 7.62 x 39 PS 1943 ball at 709 m/s
  • 5.56 x 45 RG L2A2 at 931 m/s
  • FNB SS109 at 942 m/s
  • and lesser threats


  • Sides – plates thickness: 5 mm ARMOX T 600
  • Floor – plates thickness: 5 mm ARMOX T 600
  • Roof – plates thickness: 5 mm
  • ARMOX T 600
  • Glass – thickness 38 mm


  • Airbag, driver’s and front passenger’s seat with seat occupation sensor
  • Permanent four-wheel drive with differential gear
  • Antilock braking system (ABS)
  • Aspherical exterior mirror left
  • Exterior mirrors in color of vehicle with integrated turn signal lamp and ground lighting
  • Exterior mirrors electrically adjustable and heatable
  • Outside temperature display
  • Automatic transmission, 7G-TRONIC
  • Bi-Xenon headlights with automatic range adjustment
  • Power-assisted brake system
  • Comand APS multimedia system
  • Differential locks
  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Electronic traction system 4 ETS
  • Off-road reduction, with button for activating while moving
  • Glove compartment lockable
  • Automatic climate control “THERMATIC”
  • Light-alloy wheels 16′ with tires 265/70 R16
  • Steering column electrically adjustable, steering wheel
    adjustment automatic during entry/exit
  • Lumbar support, electric powered, front seats
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Windscreen washer nozzles heatable
  • Headlight cleaning system
  • Electric seat heating, front seats
  • Fuel tank capacity approx.. 96 liters
  • Cruise control with variable speed limiter “TEMPOMAT”
  • One-touch starter system “TIPP”
  • Front seats electrically adjustable incl. memory
    for exterior mirrors
  • Immobilizer
  • Window bags
  • Central locking system
  • Seat upholstery – leather
  • Metallic paintwork – dark blue
  • Auxiliary heater with remote control
  • Hands-free use phone
  • Heated windscreen


  • Reinforced suspension
  • Armoured grill in B4+
  • Armoured engine compartment on sides and
  • on top from hood side in B4+
  • Reinforced hinges of side and rear doors
  • Armouring of engine compartment
  • Window lifters
  • Intercom
  • Alarm siren
  • Autoalarm + Immobiliser
  • Protected fuel tank
  • Central door locking
  • Beacon connector -Magcode
  • Fire extinguisher – Engine compartment GLORIA
  • Trim panel VIP version
It’s the one that started it all. This rugged, hand assembled 4-wheel-drive vehicle is an icon. With 7-speed transmission hitched to a stalwart V -8 engine and three locking dif ferentials for off-road handling that’s perfect vehicle for special works.
Vehicle: Off- Road vehicle 5-doord
Engine spec.: V8 Perol 5461 cm3 8 cyliner 387 KM/285 kW
Gear box: automatic
Seats: 2+2
Length: 4662 mm
Higth: 1961 mm
Width: 2055 mm
Wheelbase: 2850 mm
Kerb Weight: 3600 kg
Payload: 800 kg
Gross weight: 4400 kg
Year of production: 2012
Year of chassis: 2012

On the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4x4 armored chassis


The Vehicle of Recognition and Video Surveillance is a special vehicle designed to perform tasks in the field of securing high risk areas. Due to the unique technical solutions used, it is intended mainly for the Border Guard. It is used to observe the area or hardly accessible area, e.g. state border during the day and night, and regardless of the season of the year or the prevailing extreme weather conditions (rain, fog, snowfall or high frost).

The Vehicle Recognition and Video Surveillance is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, radar, telescopic mast (height up to 7 m) and its own power source.

APPLIED The most modern technologies of Blighter radar and Chess Dynamics thermal imaging camera, mutually integrated, allowing to achieve 100% efficiency in identifying intruders, i.e. unwanted people in a place not intended for this purpose.

How does it work?

The radar detects and automatically transmits precise information to the camera

about the place of the incident. The camera through the integration system shows the image from the scene of the event.

The vehicle can optionally be equipped not only with a thermal imaging camera but also with a set of remote cameras integrated with each other. Such a video monitoring system is also used for a specific area in metropolitan conditions and areas difficult to access, which are particularly endangered border routes, railways, railway stations and nodal freight stations, stadiums and places of mass events where there is a risk of threat to the safety of persons and property.

The Vehicle Recognition and Video Surveillance additionally allows:

a) Supervision – through a video monitoring system of areas with difficult terrain or with difficult access.

b) Taking actions related to the need to move frequently and requiring to minimize the time needed to be ready to work.

c) Issuing orders to subordinate forces via conventional radio and telephone communications.

d) Saving material from monitoring, with the option of editing it later.

e) Keeping business documentation using a computer set.



The vehicle has an armored engine compartment as well as a passenger compartment protection equipped with a partition opposite the tailgate.


  • Overhang armor level – BR6 (EN1522) provides protection for strategic components. Overhang armor provides security for parts of strategic importance such as the radiator, batteries, engine electronic control module (ECU), as well as brake pumps and clutches
  • The fenders are secured along their entire length
  • The radiator is secured
  • The area behind the lights between the fenders and the radiator protection is protected by an element ensuring continuity of protection


The opaque armor provides protection against the following cartridges:

  • 7.62×51 AP
  • 7.62×39 API BZ
  • 7.62×39 API Type 56

The security was tested for the above-mentioned missiles in accordance with EN 1522, in addition the tests were extended to 7.62×39 missiles. During the tests, an equilateral triangle pattern with a side length of 120mm was used

Transparent armor provides protection against the following cartridges:

  • 7,62x51AP
  • 7.62×39 API BZ
  • 7.62×39 API Type 56

The protection was tested for the above-mentioned missiles in accordance with EN 1063, in addition the tests were extended to 7.62×39 missiles. During the tests, an equilateral triangle pattern with a side length of 120mm was used

Glass for B7 armor is at least 70mm thick. They can be additionally equipped with an inner polycarbonate layer. All windows are armored.

Resistance to explosions (floor)

The passenger is protected against explosions of 2x DM 51 hand grenades by using ballistic steel with a min. parameters: 4mm thick, hardness 500 on the Brinell scale


  • The entire passenger compartment is armored, from the firewall to the tailgate
  • Armored firewall made of steel with min. parameters: thickness 10mm, hardness 600 on the Brinell scale
  • Door armor made of steel with min. parameters: thickness 10mm, hardness 600 on the Brinell scale
  • Doors equipped with a lock / mechanical lock type “war lock” (lit. war lock)
  • The door is made of one piece of steel minimum from the bottom edge to the area under the window and from the hinge to the lock, min. parameters: thickness 10mm, hardness 600 on the Brinell scale
  • Steel protected floor min. parameters: thickness 4mm, hardness 500 on the Brinell scale
  • On the welded joints there are protective strips made of the same material – min. 19mm from the center weld line or min. 15mm with cap
  • Ballistic protection boxes are used over all openings, such as door handles, along the cable trays and cables for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Fuel tanks are covered with a protective layer of aramid fiber consisting of 10 layers of aramid fibers. Protection of fuel tanks is made of ballistic steel with min. parameters: thickness 4mm, hardness 500 on the Brinell scale
  • Armor / durability class of the filler and fuel lines at level B6
  • The bumper reinforcement will be located behind the bumper of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Reinforced coil springs; durable shock absorbers, durable steering vibration dampers, durable lateral stabilizer
  • Enlarged brake discs and calipers. Flexible brake cables are replaced with steel braided brake cables. Brake fluid changed to fluid with a higher boiling point
  • Rims, tires and run-flat inserts with a load capacity of 1400kg or more. The run-flat insert is made of technical plastic with a twisting system and allows you to travel 50 km at a speed of 50 km / h. The run-flat insert is compatible with the tire pressure monitoring system
  • A double battery system was used. The batteries are durable, with gel electrolyte
  • The vehicle is equipped with an automatic fire protection system. The system has two nozzles located in the engine compartment, as well as 1 above the fuel tank
  • The driver’s cab has a 2 kg dry powder extinguisher

AMRV - Germaz Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle


One vehicle – many applications


AMRV offers the crew a high level of protection against both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as against artillery debris and small arms missiles. In addition, the vehicle can be equipped with a filter ventilation system to protect against weapons of mass destruction.


In addition to providing a high level of protection, Germaz’s vehicle is also capable of performing various tasks on today’s battlefield. Thanks to such features as: high mobility, modularity of the construction and easy change of equipment configuration, this vehicle can be quickly adapted to various tasks. AMRV G10 can be used worldwide in various missions, regardless of weather conditions or terrain.

Germaz AMRV:

  • High level of protection
  • High field mobility thanks to the UNIMOG chassis
  • Worldwide service and logistics network
  • High economic efficiency due to low operating costs



Class B6 armor impenetrable for FAL rifles using 7.62 x 39 ammunition with a sharp tip and popular AK 47 rifles using steel core ammunition. It is made by qualified technicians from the highest quality materials. The enclosure offers European class B6 protection and has impermeability certificates for the following types of ammunition:

  • 7.62 x 39 RG L2A2 at a speed of 843 m / s
  • 7.62 x 39 PS 1943 ball at a speed of 709 m / s
  • 5.56 x 45 RG L2A2 at 931 m / s
  • FNB SS109 at 942 m / s and below


  • sides – 4 mm thick sheet metal
  • floor – 4 mm thick sheet metal
  • roof – 4 mm thick sheet metal
  • glass – glass thickness 33 mm
  • B4 + class armored vehicle, 5 doors with tailgate for easy access to the luggage space
  • partially armored engine compartment
  • Number of seats – 5
  • 4×4 drive
  • automatic transmission
  • reinforced suspension
  • armored fuel tank